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In the Minds of Dalkey Residents, True Multiculturalism is Only for the Poor

Early last year Gearóid Murphy wrote a hilarious article for the Burkean titled “The Unbearable Whiteness of Dalkey”: The uber-wealthy town of Dalkey on the south coast of Dublin is whiter than the driven snow and it’s unbearable. The true...

/ 31/05/2022

Language, Spin and Irish Politics

“It seems that our public life is now to be dominated by spin and that plain speaking is elided in favour of meaningless public relations speak.” - Mr. Justice Peter Charleton In his latest report on the Disclosures Tribunal, Mr....

/ 17/10/2018

Abundistan: The Perception of Infinite Resources.

Everything, except perhaps human ignorance, is finite. A telling aphorism for sure, but in the matter of economics and governance, ignorance of finite means to meet our ends is the cause of many bad outcomes. Modern politics in the post...

/ 26/09/2017