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Is Putin in the ‘Ra? Media Pushes NATO Scare Stories on North

A new front in the Ukrainian war looks set to be opened up shortly, not in Kiev or Kharkov, but on the streets of Derry and Belfast, at least according to the British press in Ireland. Syndicated throughout the week,...

/ 08/04/2022

Collusion Report Underlines Why The North was Never a Normal State

A policing report this week on collusion between the RUC and loyalist paramilitaries lifts the lid on the cynical tactics deployed by the British state in the later stages of the Troubles. A reminder if any was needed why ‘Northern...

/ 16/01/2022

The North : Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Republican activist Des Dalton recently drew both praise and ire from active Republicans for his statement regarding the continuing armed campaign by various groups. And while there has been some discussion on the topic of the justification (or lack thereof)...

/ 28/03/2021