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Why is Ireland Pushing for Regime Change in Ethiopia?

Our Boys in the Tigray The expulsion of four of our diplomatic staff from the war weary nation of Ethiopia last November was met with bafflement by the general Irish population Experiencing a year-long civil war pitting northern Tigrayan rebels...

/ 03/02/2022

CERD19: Cat Lady Totalitarianism On Display

The following is the second in a multipart series examining the influence of Ireland’s inordinately sized NGO sector in the realm of policy formation, particularly in the areas of hate speech legislation and anti-racism advocacy. This segment casts an eye...

/ 12/12/2019

Israel and the Occupied Territories Bill: Defending Against Replacement

The Occupied Territories Bill has passed the second stage of voting in the Dáil, with 78 votes in favour and 45 against. It was originally proposed by independent senator Frances Black and has since passed through the Seanad and come...

/ 28/01/2019