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Knives Out for Irish Times with TCD Trans-Boycott Referendum

There’s nothing better than being handed an open goal by your political opponents. And yet, TCD Student Union’s upcoming referendum to boycott the Irish Times presents us all just that. The Trans Lobby Comes for Irish Times Ireland’s trans mafia...

/ 11/11/2021

Ireland: A Manifesto for Anti-Immigration Activism

When a few hundred thousand Greeks confronted the Persian world-system with a radical rejection of all it stood for, and refused to be absorbed, it seemed to all the Persians and to some intelligent Greeks mere pigheaded nationalism. But it...

/ 05/05/2019

Trinity News Needs to Check its Privilege – and be Defunded

Trinity News has finally gone too far. First published in 1953, what used to be a classic platform for College communication and debate has turned its nose up to the pursuit of truth and has instead opting to chase the...

/ 02/10/2018