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RTÉ’s New Propaganda Tax

The Television License is a scam. A tax designed to prop up the massive economic failure of RTÉ (which consumes a whopping 86% of the money gathered by the license), the existence of the charge is nothing short of complete...

/ 04/08/2019

Thoughts on Irish Taxation

There is much discussion about the tax code; whether it is broad based and whether we should be running surpluses. It is assumed that surpluses are the definitive measure of fiscal responsibility, though this isn't always the case. Governments ran...

/ 22/06/2019

RTÉ is Useless – Defund it and Let the Market Decide

Nobody likes RTÉ television. I mean nobody. If you ever bothered to ask anyone about the station (and let’s face it, you never have or will), the only response you’d get is a shoulder shrug and maybe, just maybe, “ah...

/ 11/10/2018