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‘Trusted Flagger’ Kinzen No Longer Working With Dept. of Health After HSE Exposé

It has been confirmed that Kinzen, a company specialising in monitoring ‘disinformation campaigns’ and ‘dangerous content’, is no longer working with the Department of Health, after an exposé into the HSE’s flagging of covid-related content was published by Gript. The...

/ 16/10/2021

Kinzen: Ireland’s Anti-Populist Start Up

Eleven years after felicitously establishing the media intelligence agency Storyful, Mark Little and a squad of Irish journalists are hoping lightning strikes twice with their new anti-misinformation startup Kinzen.  Banking $2.2 million in seed capital, the company currently holed up...

/ 04/09/2021

Irish Antifa Project: Aoife Gallagher – Storyful

This is the latest part of an undercover investigation into the tacit and sometimes overt support for antifascist harassment among elements of the Irish media and political class. We advise you to listen to all leaked audio and read all...

/ 01/04/2020