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The Slipped Mask: Have Irish Elites Shown Real Face With Covid?

I almost managed to convince myself not to write a piece about Covid and the ensuing pandemic. Alas, I have been compelled to. For it seems that in being forced to wear a mask, we have seen the masks of...

/ 29/08/2021

The Untenability of Statism and Individualism in an Age of Lockdown

“Under democratic ideology runs the current of fascism which overflows at the surface. But beneath that runs a countercurrent. Beware lest that countercurrent overflow! Beware lest you bestow upon it power by trying to close it off completely!” – Vilfredo...

/ 01/08/2021

Lessons from Fiction: Sauron and the State

The Lord of the Rings ranks as one of the greatest works of fiction of all time. Few great stories would be complete without a great villain – and J.R.R Tolkien’s masterpiece is no exception. In Sauron, the eponymous Lord...

/ 19/03/2019