Tag: Sovereignty

Poland Court Ruling Shows EU Going Beyond Its Legal Authority

Poland’s Constitutional Court ruling that European law does not always hold supremacy over national law is not what the fear-mongering commentariat deem it to be. When Poland brought about an attempt to reform its Communist-era judicial system, the European Courts...

/ 14/10/2021

Irexit: Does the Visegrad Option Suit Ireland?

There are two differing poles of thought as to what Ireland’s relationship with the European Union should be amongst the right-wing; one is that of the aptly named and self-explanatory “Irexit” and the other is adopting a political stance similar...

/ 08/06/2021

Against the 27th: More Open Borders Activism on Irish Campuses

Another week and another open borders organisation has been birthed on Irish campuses seeking to crowbar open the nation's already loose migration regime.  Formulated over the previous six months, 'Against the 27th' is a new student-led campaign that has commenced...

/ 06/11/2020