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Misplaced Nostalgia and the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement

“From what I can gather from my slight knowledge of ancient Ireland, I find no reason to conclude that either screech or fatalism is indigenous to [our] race. How far it is within the power of [Ireland’s] will to alter...

/ 03/03/2022

Fenians in the Transvaal: The Forgotten Irish of the Boer War

They were both people to whom the spirit of nationality had found strong manifestation, who had stood out even to the death against attempts to break their national independence. .. . They had both been through the fire of war...

/ 18/01/2022

As South Africa Teeters, Orania Soldiers on to Prosperity

The world bore witness to the combustible nature of the post-Apartheid South African state recently as the self styled Rainbow Nation wilted amid communal and political rioting over the month of July. Ostensibly driven by factional and tribal infighting within...

/ 28/08/2021