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Review: The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World

Andrew Doyle’s The New Puritans: How The Religion of Social Justice Captured The Western World begins and ends with America’s Salem Witch Trials. In between, he has twelve chapters, each of whose titles has a religious connotation and all of...

/ 07/12/2022

Against the 27th: More Open Borders Activism on Irish Campuses

Another week and another open borders organisation has been birthed on Irish campuses seeking to crowbar open the nation's already loose migration regime.  Formulated over the previous six months, 'Against the 27th' is a new student-led campaign that has commenced...

/ 06/11/2020

Progressive politicking invades The Hist

Trinity College’s Historical debating Society, commonly known as The Hist, has a rather comfy position within the university resting on its laurels after centuries in operation. The quarter of a millennia old student society has acted as something of an...

/ 29/03/2020