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Nazbol Sally: A Right Wing Extremist Reviews ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’

Preface: I vowed never to read Rooney’s glorified chick-lit again… I was on an excursion to the Carpathian Mountains, accompanied by my Dacian irredentist comrade from the Blackrock College days, when I received a call at the foot of the...

/ 10/09/2021

Crushproof: Skanger Nationalist Parable on Screen

“I'll remember Dublin city, in the rare ould times” “And their sons will be respected men, and they will be established as judges over your sons; they will govern your city and they will buy your field, for the universal...

/ 11/08/2021

Review: The Hunt – A Hollywood Movie with A Conservative Hero

SPOILER ALERT! IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ‘THE HUNT’ (2020), YOU MAY NOT WISH TO READ ON. One thing I really miss about life post lockdown are the Arts. On a regular basis I would go to the cinema or theatre...

/ 10/09/2020