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Ireland Shouldn’t Care About Palestine or Israel

The Irish have a misplaced sense of nostalgia when it comes to Palestine. As the heirs of an anti-colonial past we tend to view contemporary politics through a lens uncommon to most Europeans. From the Plantations to the northern conflict,...

/ 18/05/2019

Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv

Why Ireland should recognise Israel’s capital. I feel the need to preface this article with a few statements. I am not pro-Israel, I am not someone who always argues Israel’s corner, and I hold some very serious grudges with that...

/ 08/03/2019

Israel and the Occupied Territories Bill: Defending Against Replacement

The Occupied Territories Bill has passed the second stage of voting in the Dáil, with 78 votes in favour and 45 against. It was originally proposed by independent senator Frances Black and has since passed through the Seanad and come...

/ 28/01/2019

Israel Asserts Itself: Emulation or Condemnation?

I ask what the reaction would be if a similar law was passed here in Ireland (or any other European country), confirming Ireland to be the nation-state of the Irish people.

What is BDS really about?

With international reports linking SJP chapters in the USA with terrorism, and BDS in the UK with violence and antisemitism, what are we really being asked to vote on? Trinity College students want to be on the right side of...

/ 21/03/2018

Israel, an Irrational Hatred.

The last number of years have seen the Middle East descend into violence, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Syria and a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. In Africa, Boko Haram has terrorised northern Nigeria with...

/ 22/11/2017