Tag: Oppression

Being Easily Offended is a Form of Status-Signaling

There is a common notion among people about how someone being easily offended is an indication that they just can’t control their emotions. While this is true, another dynamic is being overlooked. When someone gets offended about something you said,...

/ 25/01/2021

Hate Crime Bill Reaches Second Stage in the Seanad

Overshadowed by attempts to dislodge Supreme Court Justice Séamus Woulfe, the ‘Criminal Justice Hate Crime Bill’ reached the second stage in the Seanad Tuesday evening. Proposed by Fianna Fáil Senator and defrocked Kildare TD Fiona O’Loughlin who formulated similar legislation...

/ 18/11/2020

The Political Cudgel

In a recent political podcast, Radicalisation and the Amplification of Extremism Online, the Irish Times make clear that they have no intention of allowing “Gemma O’Doherty or any of her supporters” on their current affairs podcasts. One would presume that...

/ 17/09/2019