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Barryroe: Is Ireland Missing a Chance for Energy Independence?

The moral hypocrisy of Irish energy policy was typified with news of the greenlighting of the Celtic Interconnector between France and Ireland in recent weeks.  A billion euro investment to shore up post-Brexit electricity supplies, the move has drawn criticism...

/ 08/06/2022

Nuclear Éire: Conference Ponders Viability of Nuclear Power Amid Energy Crisis

With the lights beginning to flicker on the nation’s energy infrastructure, what better occasion to give voice to the potential of nuclear energy in Ireland. Currently proscribed by two separate pieces of legislation, the campaign group ‘18for0’ has launched in...

/ 02/10/2021

Ireland’s Nuclear Future? An Assessment

The embryonic Irish nuclear industry met its demise on the Wexford shoreline over the political furore surrounding attempts made by the Irish government to construct a total of four nuclear power plants to meet the country’s burgeoning energy needs. A...

/ 21/02/2018