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Czar Ryan: Are the Greens Set to Become Energy Crisis Fallguys?

The lights have yet to dimmer and already Merrion Street seems flummoxed by the impending Winter Energy Crisis. While Irish military aid is flowing into the Donbass as part of Coveney’s Army, our native regime will find keeping the engine...

/ 01/09/2022

Lights Out!: Engineering Group Issues Warning on Green Goals

Ireland’s precarious energy situation was highlighted this month in a report by the Irish Academy of Engineering which called into question the prudence of phasing out gas-fired energy production by 2030. An advisory group made up of academics, the Academy...

/ 29/05/2022

Nuclear Éire: Conference Ponders Viability of Nuclear Power Amid Energy Crisis

With the lights beginning to flicker on the nation’s energy infrastructure, what better occasion to give voice to the potential of nuclear energy in Ireland. Currently proscribed by two separate pieces of legislation, the campaign group ‘18for0’ has launched in...

/ 02/10/2021