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The State of Ireland’s Military: Pay, Conditions & Capabilities

This article will discuss the decline of the Irish military over the last number of years which are either due to a lacklustre attitude from the military hierarchy to drive home the issue of funding. Though the larger culprits reside...

/ 23/01/2022

Defence Forces Retract Farcical Threat Assessment of Radical Right

The past year we’ve become accustomed to our state’s security apparatus warning about an as of yet non-existent terrorist threat from the so called far right. While the Oireachtas benches have not been graced by their first hard right parliamentarian,...

/ 18/06/2021

Ireland’s Approach to National Security is in Dire Need of Overhaul

If there is one area of public spending nobody seems to care about, it is arguably the most important and the least ideological. We can argue until the cows come home on the merits, the costs and benefits of State...

/ 17/02/2019

Conservatism and The Military Mindset

So what lesson should be learnt from the relative immunity of the military from leftist social engineering, and how could it be applied to other aspects of society?

/ 30/07/2018