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Dear Varadkar: Globalism, not Nationalism, is the Ideology that will Leave You with Nothing

It is rare that national media outlets refer to nationalism, and on the few times they do, they are almost always decrying it as an evil - and so was the case still when Leo Varadkar complained that his Government’s...

/ 20/06/2022

5 Things We Learned From #MerrionGate

Irish political scandals are often as unbelievable as they are mind-numbing. In this sense, Merriongate is no exception. The idea that politicians, lawmakers, and other senior gombeens would be dumb enough to attend a private shindig during a period of...

/ 16/08/2021

Paddy’s Populist Pivot — Is Cosgrave Our Guy?

What to do when yuppies go rogue? That must be the question ruminated upon by elements of our government at the political noises being made by former tech golden boy Paddy Cosgrave, famous by way of the ill fated Web...

/ 13/08/2021