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Maynooth’s Secular Seminary Takes Aim at Inner City Schooling

The pampered prats of Maynooth University and RTÉ are at it again. This time, the focus of their ire is on central Dublin.  An American academic, “an interdisciplinary scholar whose historical interests intersect with interests in architecture, the built environment...

/ 13/10/2022

On the Devaluation of Education

When examining the uneducated and anti-intellectual nature of Ireland and Western societies, the main cause, as well as telescreen entertainment saturation, is mass education. Such is the opposite of actual education, and the deleterious effect of which was foretold by...

/ 04/08/2020

Forget about Cancellation, The Leaving Cert Needs to be Retired

The current Coronavirus epidemic has, if nothing else, revealed the immense fragility of the Irish state. While this truth can be seen in many areas, ranging from healthcare to employment, it is most obvious in the farcical responses to the...

/ 25/04/2020