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Book Review: Jordanetics

“Falsehoods have consequences, that’s what makes them false” – Jordan Peterson Jordanetics is not the book I expected it to be. I expected a political criticism of Jordan B. Peterson’s politics, a takedown of atomised individualism, and a nationalist defence...

/ 14/12/2018

Why Jordan Peterson is Wrong

With Professor Peterson’s recent return to Dublin, we’re given an opportunity to re-examine some of the ideas he put forth during his last visit. The Peterson/Harris debate on the 14th of July cost me roughly €70. Not a small sum...

/ 23/10/2018

The Curious Case of the Canadian Psychologist

One day I requested Jordan B. Peterson’s first book, Maps of Meaning, from the university library stacks. I already had an electronic copy and watched the whole lecture course, so the hassle was probably a waste of time, but I...

/ 29/01/2018