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Did the Irish Invent Bolshevism? Aodh de Blácam’s Gaelic Socialism

“Lenin and Trotsky in Russia battling against lies and force; Labour struggling against its self-appointed tyrants; the Gaelic tongue striving against the foreign jargon; Ireland striving against England all are but phases of the single war that still rages undecided,...

/ 13/01/2022

Split in Connolly Youth Movement?

Attempts to raise the red flag on a workers republic were dealt a potentially mortal blow this week with conflicting stories of a split in the Connolly Youth Movement. Proclaimed by its members to be the greatest hope of overthrowing...

/ 05/12/2020

Why James Connolly Objected to Ireland Accepting Refugees in 1914

The following is an extract of a debate as reported by Arthur Griffith in his nationalist periodical ‘Éire’ from November 19th, 1914 chronicling a discussion at the Dublin Trade’s Council about the issue of Belgian refugees arriving into Ireland following...

/ 01/12/2020