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The State’s Response to Anti-Immigration Protests

It would do us well, given the recent unprecedented protests against migration, to take a look at how the State and its various front organisations have responded. Fake Community Groups The first course of action was to implement a plan...

/ 12/02/2023

The New Garda Powers Bill — A Cause for Concern?

The scheme of the proposed Garda Powers Bill was brought to national attention thanks in no small part to the claim that failure to provide a password to an electronic device to Gardaí under warrant will itself constitute an offence,...

/ 16/06/2021

James “Lugs” Branigan: Lessons from An Era of Paternal Policing

At his retirement dinner in 1973, Chief Superintendent of the Gardaí Patrick Malone — a man not known for exaggerated statements — described Branigan as “one of those people who become a legend in their own time”. Born in 1910...

/ 08/04/2021