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Future of Media Commission — Are Irish Journalists Looking for a Bailout?

Running the gamut of dealing with fake news, to potentially doling out slush money, to saving struggling journalistic titles, the Future of Media Commission is arguably the most important government commission you've never heard of currently in operation. Prompted by...

/ 09/03/2021

The Pence Rule

On February 6th, Cheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, authored a post discussing the ‘Mike Pence Rule.’ The Pence rule is Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to eat alone with a woman other than his wife, and his refusal to attend...

/ 04/06/2018

The Burkean Interviews Maria Steen of the No Campaign

Maria Steen is at the forefront of the pro-life campaign in Ireland, and she is urging a No vote in the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment tomorrow on May 25th. She is a spokeswoman for the Iona institute and...

/ 24/05/2018