Tag: Environmentalism

MEON: A New Socio-Environmental Journal for the Irish Youth

Meon, m. (gs. -oin, pl. ~ta) Def. 1: Mind, disposition; character, temperament. Lang: Irish. The Burkean editorial team are very proud to announce the launch of MEON, a new socio-environmental journal for the youth of Ireland, set to launch this...

/ 10/03/2021

The Green Grass on a Slippery Slope: Paedophilia Apologism and the Roderic O’Gorman Controversy

Recently if you have been following long threads of arguments on Twitter, you’ll have heard about a controversy involving our new Minister for Children. If you have only a vague idea of it, it will probably be an impression of...

/ 08/07/2020

A Conservative Approach to Climate Change

Therese Friis questions the common policies and current energy sources used to combat climate change while arguing for another way to look after our environment. Global warming and changes in the environment are a threat that affects anyone who finds themselves...

/ 17/01/2018