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Barryroe: Is Ireland Missing a Chance for Energy Independence?

The moral hypocrisy of Irish energy policy was typified with news of the greenlighting of the Celtic Interconnector between France and Ireland in recent weeks.  A billion euro investment to shore up post-Brexit electricity supplies, the move has drawn criticism...

/ 08/06/2022

Lights Out!: Engineering Group Issues Warning on Green Goals

Ireland’s precarious energy situation was highlighted this month in a report by the Irish Academy of Engineering which called into question the prudence of phasing out gas-fired energy production by 2030. An advisory group made up of academics, the Academy...

/ 29/05/2022

Intel Dumps €80 Billion Irish Investment Over Energy Concerns

Under normal circumstances the state’s industrial planners ought to be seeing red over the weekend scoop by the Business Post revealing the shelving of plans to move the production of microchips to Ireland by Intel. Originally in contention with Poland...

/ 04/01/2022