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Exit Edwin: What the Poots Resignation Means for Unionism

A new First Minister has been crowned, and fast falls the Sword of Damocles on Edwin Poots for his temerity. Less than a month after a bitter and public backstabbing that saw Arlene Foster toppled, her successor has suffered the...

/ 17/06/2021

Irish Republicanism has Exhausted Itself

Twenty years of peace has done more to harm the fortunes of Irish republicanism than thirty years of warfare. Republicanism in 2019 finds itself between the Scylla and Charybdis, of bungling dissidents and a post-nationalist Sinn Féin. The botched murder...

/ 13/07/2019

Acht na Gaeilge: Free State Failures for the Six Counties

Free State Failures: The Irish language occupies a schizophrenic place within the policymaking and public consciousness of the 26 counties. While institutionalised at an educational and legislative level and generally supported by the public at large, the language barely registers...

/ 15/08/2018