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The West Has No Moral Authority On Belarus

The bungled diversion of Ryanair Flight 4978 carrying the anti-Lukashenko activist Roman Protasevich heralds a new attempt to engineer a colour revolution in the Eastern European State and one which we ought be scathing of. As we all know by...

/ 26/05/2021

Simon Coveney Reiterates Support for Turkish Membership of EU

During a two-day visit to Ankara this week, Simon Coveney engaged with Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusogl, about the prospects of greater integration and membership for the 82 million strong predominantly Sunni nation into the European Union. Despite EU-Turkic relations...

/ 30/01/2021

Which Anti-Lukashenko Groups is the Irish Government Funding in Belarus?

With a frenzy of street protests and clashes with the security forces, Minsk rather than Washington DC became the subject of international intrigue last August, with contested elections that saw much admonition directed towards veteran president Lukashenko by Western powers. ...

/ 19/01/2021