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Gunboats Off Valentia: Irish Media Bangs War Drum Against Russia

Oh, the Russians are on the sea, says the Shan Van Vocht and Ireland must entrench itself in more NATO warmongering. Irish tabloids took up the unusual cause of defending our neutrality this week amid anxiety over Russian naval exercises...

/ 27/01/2022

What Happened To Ireland’s Anti-Assad Lobby?

Since the commencement of hostilities in 2011, the Irish government’s aid contribution to the Syrian conflict has been just shy of €200 million, channeled through the Red Cross and various UN Aid agencies. Mainly focused on the plight of refugees...

/ 18/11/2021

Ireland’s Approach to National Security is in Dire Need of Overhaul

If there is one area of public spending nobody seems to care about, it is arguably the most important and the least ideological. We can argue until the cows come home on the merits, the costs and benefits of State...

/ 17/02/2019