Tag: Cultural Marxism

Do We Live under Neoliberalism or Cultural Marxism?

There’s a small subsection of debate occurring about which term best describes the dominant ideology we live under, either neoliberalism or cultural Marxism. Both of these terms are used pejoratively to describe the current establishment, and almost nobody self-identifies as...

/ 11/01/2021

Richard Dawkins Deplatforming & The Hist’s Cultural Revolution

Another year, another case of Trinity’s once proud intellectual institutions being subverted by self-serving progressives.  Yesterday, according to the University Times, the College Historical Society, or ‘The Hist’ as they like to brand themselves now, announced that they will ‘not...

/ 28/09/2020

Progressive politicking invades The Hist

Trinity College’s Historical debating Society, commonly known as The Hist, has a rather comfy position within the university resting on its laurels after centuries in operation. The quarter of a millennia old student society has acted as something of an...

/ 29/03/2020