Tag: Covid-19

Paddy Holohan and the Shape of Sinn Féin to Come

It would appear the more centrist elements of the Irish establishment have yet to learn its lesson with regards what to do with an electorally insoluble Sinn Féin. Aiming to test the old proverb, our media is attempting to flog...

/ 10/07/2020

Forget about Cancellation, The Leaving Cert Needs to be Retired

The current Coronavirus epidemic has, if nothing else, revealed the immense fragility of the Irish state. While this truth can be seen in many areas, ranging from healthcare to employment, it is most obvious in the farcical responses to the...

/ 25/04/2020

Unintentional Homeschoolers

In a novel by the same name, we learn that the success of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is due in no small part to the two simple, but extraordinarily helpful, words emblazoned across the front cover: Don't Panic. ...

/ 31/03/2020