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Euro Snap Shot: How Corporations Abuse Irish Residency

The Euro Stoxx 50 index gives us a snapshot of how EU denominated stocks are performing. As they also indicate where institutional investors with Euro denominated liabilities should hold their offsetting assets, they play pivotal roles in the management of...

/ 28/01/2022

Irish Big Tech’s Links To Left-Wing Activism

With social media becoming increasingly ingrained in the daily lives of users through laptops, smartphones and tablets, our ways of speech and expression can be said to reflect these developments and changes.  To paraphrase the Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan,...

/ 04/12/2020

Nextpolis – Why Did The Irish Government Consider Selling Parts of Ireland For a Chinese City-State

A bout of mild mortification gripped the Department of Foreign Affairs this week, or at least should have, following a revelation by The Times newspaper. The revelation was of lobbying by property magnate Ivan Ko, who sought  to plant a...

/ 29/07/2020