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Eagles Amid the Ruins: Syrian Nationalists Reflect After 11 Years of War

Syria’s National Vanguard Syria passed a morbid landmark in March 2021 marking the 10 year anniversary since the outbreak of protests and subsequent Western backed hostilities against the al-Assad government. Arguably the defining conflict of the century so far, the civil...

/ 23/04/2022

Defending the Classics Against Wokeness —An Irish Student Experience

I used to think that having reached my third year at college I could no longer be shocked by the wokeness which permeates the university campus, its students and faculty. I thought I would be able to grit my teeth...

/ 03/03/2021

Nextpolis – Why Did The Irish Government Consider Selling Parts of Ireland For a Chinese City-State

A bout of mild mortification gripped the Department of Foreign Affairs this week, or at least should have, following a revelation by The Times newspaper. The revelation was of lobbying by property magnate Ivan Ko, who sought  to plant a...

/ 29/07/2020