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Who is Paying Legal Fees of a Convicted Jihadist in Ireland?

In February, this publication reported on the legal precedent set at the Supreme Court whereby the Algerian-born jihadist Ali Charaf Damache managed to successfully challenge the manner by which the Irish State revokes citizenship, thus blowing a considerable hole in...

/ 04/05/2021

Ali Damache: How a Convicted Islamist Overthrew Irish Citizenship Laws

Much has been made of the recent Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional provisions of the 1956 Nationality and Citizenship Act, a case which saw the Courts deny the withdrawal of an Algerian-born convicted terrorist’s Irish citizenship, so that he can...

/ 12/02/2021

Fake Controversy and the High Court’s Citizenship Ruling

On the 18th of July a calamity happened, or so the immigration lawyers would have you believe. Mr Justice Max Barrett, in a landmark High Court ruling, held that the Minister for Justice could not offer exemptions to a clause...

/ 21/07/2019