Tag: Cancel Culture

Gilla Band: Where Did All the Punks Go?

I don't like writing outrage pieces. As a rule of thumb, I try to stay well away from them. Journalism in a nutshell has become nothing but a cacophony of outrage in recent years and I begrudge adding to that...

/ 02/12/2021

Being Easily Offended is a Form of Status-Signaling

There is a common notion among people about how someone being easily offended is an indication that they just can’t control their emotions. While this is true, another dynamic is being overlooked. When someone gets offended about something you said,...

/ 25/01/2021

Damage Control: Gombeen Media vs Ireland’s Surging Populism

Watching the mainstream trying to understand the Irish Right is like watching a communist trying to understand why capitalism hasn't collapsed yet. While they proclaim expertise in the area, in reality their ideology prevents them from understanding anything of substance,...

/ 19/09/2020