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Burkean Campus Insider: Dublin Nightlife Guide

Continuing our Fresher's Week student guide, we take a look at the vibrant, fragrant, vagrant world of Dublin nightlife... Students escaping from their restrictive and domineering family homes, where their bitchy mammies refuse to use vegan plant-based alternative foods, will...

/ 20/09/2023

Burkean Campus Insider: Dublin Freshers Guide

As freshers week kicks off in earnest, and a new influx of students enter Dublin colleges, The Burkean provides a sampling of the ecstatic college antics which they can expect to see during their college life.  Providing general campus lore...

/ 18/09/2023

Vote for Ryan Corley

In-person voting began at UCD for the Student Union elections on the 4th of April, and will finish today. Online voting has since closed, but, given the history of election fraud across the western world, online voting can be considered...

/ 05/04/2023