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Nazbol Sally: A Right Wing Extremist Reviews ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’

Preface: I vowed never to read Rooney’s glorified chick-lit again… I was on an excursion to the Carpathian Mountains, accompanied by my Dacian irredentist comrade from the Blackrock College days, when I received a call at the foot of the...

/ 10/09/2021

Toothbrush Totalitarianism: Jedward & Book Burning

With our newfangled culture wars reaching fever pitch after a summer of tumultuous protests induced by the death of George Floyd, there is an increasing chance for Z-list celebrities to reinvent themselves as progressive warriors in the new cultural battlefield....

/ 18/09/2020

Book Review: A Conflict of Visions

“It would be good to be able to say that we should dispense with visions entirely, and deal only with reality. But that may be the most utopian vision of all. Reality is far too complex to be comprehended by...

/ 12/12/2017