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Draconian Hate Speech Laws Coming Soon To Ireland

On the 17th December 2020, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee launched the blueprints for what will become Ireland’s new laws on so-called ‘hate crime’. Under the proposed laws, it will become a crime to speak or write in a way...

/ 17/12/2020

Hate Crime Bill Reaches Second Stage in the Seanad

Overshadowed by attempts to dislodge Supreme Court Justice Séamus Woulfe, the ‘Criminal Justice Hate Crime Bill’ reached the second stage in the Seanad Tuesday evening. Proposed by Fianna Fáil Senator and defrocked Kildare TD Fiona O’Loughlin who formulated similar legislation...

/ 18/11/2020

Saturday Protest Report: Bob Marley & Bad Ideas

It seems that the mainstream wanted to catch up with the protesting season by having two of its puppet organisations stage protests — “Anti-fascist Ireland” held one at the GPO to ostensibly “reclaim” it from the “far-right.” Yellowvest Ireland, whose...

/ 06/10/2020