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A Republic Without Ceremony: Ritual and the Irish State

The mourners massing to slowly shuffle past the remains of Elizabeth the Second in London’s Westminster Hall are drawn by more than just macabre fixation.  A dull wooden box laying in a dusty hall inside a crumbling palace would do...

/ 16/09/2022

Dublin’s Globalist Aesthetic

Dublin is in many respects a bloated provincial town - one stretching out in kilometers in each direction to accommodate over a million people, as opposed to a kilometer in each to accommodate ten thousand. Large buildings are the exception...

/ 27/04/2022

Irish Nationalism and Aesthetics: A Response

The essay “Is Irish Nationalism Lacking an Aesthetic” by Ulick Fitzhugh raises many interesting ideas and opens room for further reflections. The central question being asked is does Irish Nationalism need an aesthetic to aid in its success. In short,...

/ 11/01/2022