This is intended to be a resource on Irish-oriented right-wing media platforms, most typically YouTube channels, but also encompassing other formats.  There is an undeniable thirst for information sources outside of the narrow sliver of ideological choices available from the majority of mainstream media offerings. Many, however, deserve serious criticism and the piece will conclude with a reflection on the shortcomings of figures in the scene.

Current Events/Political Aggregators:

Orlared: The largest and most active media trawler hosts an immense collection of audio and video clips of right-wing interest, most typically focusing on stories on migration,globalism, euroscepticism etc. The video descriptions, the quality of a standalone blog, contain detailed reports on the topics/stories discussed, with relevant links/citations. An essential newsfeed with daily updates

Big Taboo: A less frequently active media aggregator featuring intensive activity during referendum/election cycles from a conservative/nationalist editorial stance. One to follow, both for an extensive archive of interesting material and especially also around voting time. Also hosts more culture-oriented videos.

Parse The Noise: A quality-over-quantity channel hosting two impressively produced overviews of Ireland’s demographic trends and dismal asylum system. Absorbing video essays which deserve to be spread.

Steamers and Personalities:

Computing Forever: Dave Cullen mostly covers international stories from a populist right angle, but his Irish-focused videos stand out, in particular his reflection on the state of the nation and his long-form interviews with Justin Barrett, on similar topics. (A playlist of the channel’s Irish content would be ideal).

The Don and Critiqued: Often recording as a duo, these two streamers generally publish podcast-style news reviews and more broader discussions, and have hosted several notable interviewees, including author John Waters, Justin Barrett and traditionalist Catholic E. Michael Jones.

Grand Torino: The controversial Rowan Croft is well-known for his regular on-location streams, often covering new direct provision centres while aiming to attract vox populi clips and interviews. He has also hosted interviews with various Irish and international guests.

Gemma O’Doherty: Gemma enjoys a popular platform and consistently attracts viewership in the thousands and tens of thousands for her lengthy livestreams at home and on-location.

Political Parties:

The National Party host a variety of articles on their website, ranging from analyses of mass immigration, the prospect of an Irish withdrawal from the EU, to reflections on Irish identity and liberalism. Their YouTube channel features a mix of speeches, promotional and thematic videos, and spotlights on local issues. Overall, they have built an impressive social media profile and are a worthwhile body to follow for Irish nationalist thought.

The Irish Freedom Party, formerly/alternatively Irexit: Freedom to Prosper, have mainly focused on video content, with their channel hosting speeches from party events given by both members and guest speakers advocating an Irish exit from the EU and a conservative/classical liberal political stance with an emphasis on state sovereignty.

Renua have failed to capitalise on YouTube as a method of spreading their message, with a small number of videos haphazardly spread across various channels. Their website features a number of concise statements styled as press releases, giving commentary on current affairs.

Other Platforms:

The Right Side: Gary Kavanagh of the Edmund Burke Institute hosts 4 instalments each week of a more highbrow podcast which delivers interviews, news reviews, and cultural/general discussions from a libertarian/conservative perspective.

Gript: A new centre-right online media venture fronted by pro life activists, mainly delivering a tailored newsfeed and current affairs commentary with a professional studio aesthetic. The young platform is quite active, with a good foundation for potential future growth, but has yet to break through as a popular alternative news source.

The Liberal: Right-leaning tabloid news aggregator not entirely reputable due to issues around plagiarism.

Room for Improvement:

We are a small country, and the spectrum of our online media alternatives reflects that fact. It unfortunately means that each individual activist or organisation has a greater responsibility in upholding the overall quality of an oppositional media than they otherwise would in a larger state. Energy should ideally not be wasted on conspiracy theories or inane rabbit holes, but rather put towards catering for (and growing) an informed audience capable of spreading a counter viewpoint to the overriding liberal/pro-globalist stance of Irish mainstream media.

The opposite danger is playing the game too safely and failing to achieve much from within a comfortable, yet uninspiring and unengaging niche. Gript must be named here, being an obstensibly well-funded and well-connected platform at risk of conforming to the terms of debate set by the establishment for fear of being negatively branded upon the slightest deviation outside of “acceptable” discourse. Their commentators laud right-wing stars like Trump, Salvini, etc, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that the rise of this new right is due heavily to their nativist arguments.

As individuals and groups continue to professionalise (and hopefully trim the irrelevant fat, where necessary), an educational/informative network presenting coherent, rational arguments will be key to the success of any rightist movement.

Posted by Ryan Kehoe


  1. In my opinion, the so-called ‘streamers and personalities’ (sp. btw!) are the most interesting on a day-to-day basis, with the, “aggregators” a close second. The author hints at Gemma’s, “conspiracy theories” but even these are proving an eye-opener and maintain much-needed interest for many people; viz. a recent short film from a Clinton retreat in Wicklow has had over 100,000 views in a week (scaled up to the typical population sizes of larger countries, this would be the equivalent of several million views). Personally, after several months of following most of the unpaid investigative journalists mentioned in the piece, I cannot abide to listen to RTÉ or read a MSM newspaper, so they must be doing something right.


    1. yes I feel the same, , no interest in the mainstream,


  2. The importance of alt-tech like Minds, Bitchute and Gab cannot be stressed enough.

    We will find more and more that Right wing view are banned entirely from the major platforms, its important to get awareness out about these free speech platforms.

    Patriots Rise Up!


  3. Liz O Leary 11/07/2019 at 7:38 am

    I miss John Waters. I heard him say to Gemma O’Doherty ‘that he doesn’t enjoy these conversations’. That was the end of him on YouTube. Well I did enjoy those conversations . My son enjoyed them. Sadly missed.


    1. That’s sad to hear. I too enjoyed listening to Mr. Water’s thoughts on the issues of the day. Did he mention a specific reason why he doesn’t enjoy the online conversations? He has done plenty of interviews with Grand Torino, Critiqued, the Don and Gemma but it’s impossible he did them reluctantly to plug his new book.


      1. John Waters has been ill. See here for detailed explanation: First Things


        1. Just read the article. So he was. That’s awful. John Waters is an absolute sweetheart and me and my fifteen year old son are huge fans. I wish him and his family a speedy and complete recovery.


          1. I know his family isn’t sick but illness affects all family members., so I hope they will toiocfaidh as

      2. He didn’t enjoy talking about the destruction of Ireland ‘s indigenous people and culture and the lamestream legacy Irish media.


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