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Thoughts on Irish Taxation

There is much discussion about the tax code; whether it is broad based and whether we should be running surpluses. It is assumed that surpluses are the definitive measure of fiscal responsibility, though this isn't always the case. Governments ran...

/ 22/06/2019

Welcome to the Metrostate

Just over one hundred years ago, Patrick Pearse famously stepped out of Dublin’s GPO to read the Proclamation to a somewhat bemused Dublin populace. Pearse’s reading of the Proclamation is generally viewed as the founding act of a new independent...

/ 12/09/2018

Acht na Gaeilge: Free State Failures for the Six Counties

Free State Failures: The Irish language occupies a schizophrenic place within the policymaking and public consciousness of the 26 counties. While institutionalised at an educational and legislative level and generally supported by the public at large, the language barely registers...

/ 15/08/2018