What Ireland First stands for is in the name. Set up by activist and brick-layer, Derek Blighe, it aims to put Ireland and her people first by addressing issues that can no longer be ignored such as immigration, housing, healthcare and education.

As a Nationalist party, they recognise that the aforementioned issues are all tied to mass-immigration. They believe in having strong borders while promising to deport all illegal immigrants if elected. In regards to social housing, they plan to prioritise Irish people, no longer will those who make the most noise jump the queue.

Not forgetting Ireland’s past, one of their core principles is “The Nation Of Ireland Belongs To The Irish People” which is based on what Pádraig Pearse once proclaimed: “Nothing that has happened or can ever happen can alter the truth of it. Ireland belongs to the Irish.” In order to achieve this, they believe Ireland must reform her relationship with the European Union by asserting her sovereignty while no longer being subject to rules and regulations that do not serve the people of Ireland.

Their members are very much active and on the ground as shown through the many videos that two of their most well known activists have had go viral. Derek Blighe has often given a voice to Cork natives who have encountered problems with so called “asylum seekers”, while Philip Dwyer has exposed much of the current regime’s corruption including Indian men pretending to be fleeing the war in Ukraine. Both Blighe and Dwyer are running in the EU and LEA elections on 7th June 2024. 

In addition to this, Margaret “Alacoque” Maguire, Vice President, is also running in both the EU and LEA elections.

Sarah Herraty (Party Secretary), Tommy Murphy (Chairman) and Darren McGovern are running in the LEA elections, respectively.

Ireland First plan to cause an upset in the upcoming elections and they very well could, considering the recent, surprisingly resounding No/No vote to the Family and Care referendums.

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  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/06/2024 at 6:42 am

    The very idea that ethnic Irish People have to name a political party “Ireland First ” is a stark and confronting reality of just how much the traitorous waring parties of the Irish Civil War,FG/FF have lost touch since the foundation of state and THE IRISH CONSTITUTION.Their treacherous blatant treatment of the electorate,all historically documented over decades is scandalous,spineless,cowardly,ignorant and utterly stupid and draconian.
    Sham Fein are also included in their collaboration with these renegade
    fools,by facilitating their governance and the portrayal of opposition,they are SELLOUTS of both republican and nationalist ideology and have no relationship to the “Old Sinn Fein or Fenian Brotherhood “. Thus the added insult to the electorate of shameless hypocritical presentation.
    Their is no such thing as a LABOR PARTY in Ireland,decades ago they
    sold out to a Liberal agenda in their persute of middle class Ireland and imported slave labor and conditions from third world failure states.This was covered in previous articles by The Burkean.
    Not forgetting The Greens who would sell mother and child to gain alliance with the devil himself…this is Ireland’s Extreme Far Right and have inflicted massive damage relative to their vote and time in politics.
    Memory Ireland…Memories Ireland,these inept useless pricks mentioned above thrive on the idea that their Irish Electorate are born into
    ” SERVITUDE AND STUPIDITY ” and have no recollection of past corruption and criminal cronyism in UNdermining the False Irish State and illusion of Nationhood.
    Criminals they have proved to be TIME AND TIME AGAIN.
    Good luck Ireland today in voting for yourselves,not for the miserable
    dumb fu.kers who profess and boast,as oft times before,that they represent YOU,…NO MORE…NEVER AGAIN…NOT IN FUTURE GENERATIONS OF ETHNIC ABORIGINAL IRISH PEOPLE


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