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Populism in Our Local and European Elections

A populist is defined as “a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of the ordinary people.” This may be one of the most abused terms in the history of politics. We in Ireland suffer...

/ 05/03/2019

Theresa May and the Brexit Betrayal

The political fault lines within the Tory party on EU membership and increased European integration have been the scourge of the party since the halcyon days of Thatcher.  The greatest exercise in the history of British democracy; the Brexit referendum,...

/ 13/12/2018

Bannonism: An Irish-American Story

So much of the rich history of the Irish people is ingrained in stories of emigration to foreign lands, in the hope of a better life. The American dream in particular, breathed hope into generations of our countrymen. One of...

/ 06/11/2018