Earlier today, this publication was copied in correspondence between 4 prominent nationalist parties in Ireland (Ireland First, The National Party, The Irish Freedom Party, and The Irish People) and senior figures in Irish state media. The email makes serious allegations regarding election interference in the communication sphere.

We include the text of the letter below:

To: Kevin Bakhurst
RTE Director General
Cc: Deirdre McCarthy (managing director)
RTÉ News and Current Affairs
Cc: Jeremy Godfrey
Executive Chairperson
Coimisiún na Meán
Cc: Art O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer
Electoral Commission

Subject: Election Subversion

Date: 29th May 2024

Dear Sir,

We are writing to you on behalf of the Irish Freedom Party, Ireland First,
National Party and The Irish People, who are all political parties fully
registered with the Electoral Commission. These parties have a large
number of candidates contesting both the European and Local elections

We wish to inform you that RTE is in serious breach of the updated Rule
27 of the Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality in News and
Current Affair as can be seen clearly from the Guidelines in Respect of
Coverage of Election recently issued by Coimisiún na Meán.

We believe this ongoing breach is malicious with the objective of
subverting the election process by the removal of our parties and
candidates perspectives from RTEs coverage of the election. The result
of this is to make our political views, perspectives, parties and candidates
invisible to the general public and hence the electorate. We have not had
this problem with regional or International broadcasters (e.g. EuroNews,
Dutch Radio 1): this is a national broadcaster problem i.e. an RTE
problem. This is outrageous and an attempt to subvert the outcome of
these elections by hiding our candidates, parties and perspectives from
the electorate. Not one of our European or Local candidates or Party
representatives have been invited to a debate, panel discussion or ANY
RTE radio or Television program, nor has there been any coverage of our
parties or candidates online or via social media. We have received
collectively ZERO coverage from the national broadcaster RTE.

Under the guidelines of Section 4.2 Allocation of Airtime for Election
Candidates and Political Parties, broadcasters, including RTE, are
mandated to ensure a fair allocation of airtime during election coverage.
This can be achieved either through an equal allocation of airtime for all
candidates and political parties, or, through a proportional approach that
considers relevant contextual factors. However, RTE has consistently
failed to adhere to either method in relation to our parties and candidates.
Key contextual factors that have been ignored include:

  1. Number of Candidates: One of our parties has fielded a
    significantly higher number of candidates compared to other
    parties that have received more airtime. Despite this, we have
    been systematically excluded from ANY coverage.
  2. Diversity of Political Perspectives: The guidelines also
    emphasise the importance of reflecting a broad range of political
    perspectives. Our stances, particularly on issues such as asylum
    and immigration, aligns closely with the concerns demonstrated in
    recent opinion polls. However, our views, which significantly differ
    from those of other parties, have been consistently marginalised
    and hidden from the electorate.

The exclusion of our parties, candidates and perspectives not only
breaches the guidelines but also undermines the democratic process by
depriving the public of a comprehensive understanding of all political
positions. We demand immediate corrective action from RTE and other
broadcasters to ensure compliance with the guidelines and to provide
equitable and fair airtime to our parties and candidates.
In the European debates only 8 candidates were allowed due to space
restrictions the public were informed, however RTE could platform 15
candidates for the Mayoral election in Limerick.
The breaches are not limited to section 4.2 but also extend to 4.3 Diversity
of Viewpoints & 4.4 Audience Participation.
We are demanding that you take action immediately to comply with the
guidelines and Rule 27 and when this election cycle is complete an
investigation into how this subversion of an election was able to take
We further remind you that Non-compliance with the Code may result in a
contravention of the Acts of 2009 to 2022 and enforcement under Part 8B
of the Act.
The bias of the Montrose canteen should not be allowed to shape the
outcome of these elections.

Hermann Kelly on behalf of Irish Freedom Party
Derek Blighe on behalf of Ireland First
James Reynolds on behalf of the National Party
Anthony Cahill on behalf of The Irish People

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 30/05/2024 at 4:04 pm

    Well,we can all agree that Dev was right about too much power in the hands of a National Broadcaster leading to corruption and abuse.Further investigation will lead to government links and corruption,funding and a history of illegal activities in previous elections and outcomes…it’s been happening for decades and everybody is aware of what is so fu.king obvious to the dogs on the street.
    Why stop at making rte aware,because European elections are involved the complaint needs to be aired and investigated for its criminal contagion within the EU and the spotlight firmly on RTEs previous involvement and connections through corruption in the past.
    I’ve said previously it’s time to bury these bastards,their not fit for purpose,their certainly not fit to be a fu.king broadcaster never mind a
    NATIONAL FU.KING EMBARRASSMENT…get the fu.ks out of it for once and for all…because any coverage they do is questionable,can be challenged,is downright fu.king illegal and questions the outcome and results should the European Commission IGNORE AT THEIR PERIL undemocratic,corrupt,illegal collaboration involving government and media interference in EU ELECTIONS AND OUTCOMES…ask Trump.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 30/05/2024 at 11:00 pm

    The ‘Ghosting’ of candidates from the Alternative dissident right,is simply a form of VOTE rigging.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 01/06/2024 at 9:51 am

    The Electoral Commission was set up to ensure the transparency and integrity of our Electoral system.
    It has failed in its first duty to uphold the democratic process of our system in Local Elections.
    1) Irelands Local Electoral system is open to non -nationals and illegal,undocumented ,unvetted immigrants ,as long as they are over 18 and have an address in Ireland ,whether in a field, Street or a canal side tent.
    This is an absurdity in a democracy and dilutes/ undermines a Citizens ability to effect change in the Political system.
    2) Any person can register to vote using the online facility, no ID is required.
    A Polling card is posted to the registered address and subsequently ,automatically for all other Elections ,Local, General, EU or Reerendums.
    There is no clear ID differentiation between a Polling Card sent for a Local Election or General Election. EU ,Referendum to a non-national or illegal immmigrant.
    3) The Electoral Commission has yet to address the issue of the Electoral Registers ,which have not been updated for decades and contains thousands of deceased , who have departed the Parish to their heavenly reward.
    Irelands Electoral system is open to fraudalent manipulation by nefarious operators with the Electoral Commission a party to this fraud and but a veneer/ screen and fake totem to deceive the naive Public.


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