While RTÉ immolates from a slow-burning pay scandal, could the national child protection agency Tusla be the next state organ to be hit with accusations of impropriety?

The organization has been plagued with horrific mishaps since its foundation in 2013, institutionally styled in the image of uber-progressive Ministers for Children Katherine Zaponne and Roderic O’Gorman who have presided over it. 

Now a recently-released report from academics in UCD suggests that Tusla is facilitating a new phenomenon in the area of child sexual exploitation in Ireland: grooming gangs, very likely foreign grooming gangs.

While not mentioning the racial characteristics of the perpetrators directly, the 85-page report outlines the trademark characteristics all too familiar to the practice of Asian ethnicity (overwhelmingly Pakistani) grooming gangs active across Britain and an apparent institutional reluctance of Tusla to clamp down on the abuse of children in their care.

Quoting from the report:

“There have been many stories that we’ve heard about gangs of men who are exploiting these children under the care of Tusla in these hotels, or [they] take them out of the hotels for the purpose of sexual exploitation.”

The study goes on to outline the modus operandi of the grooming gangs befriending young Irish girls in care on the pretence of being their boyfriends before being fed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and being exploited. Girls are directly taken from Tusla facilities to hotel rooms where abuse transpires with child protection officials showing a clear reluctance to intervene against what appears to be a recent phenomenon of organised gangs preying on girls in state care.

The report comes with the major caveat that it makes no mention of race or ethnicity but the tradecraft of the abusers falls in line with what is commonly seen in the UK. Coming on the back of multiple rape trials involving Pakistani nationals attempting to rape and abduct Irish women, one can be forgiven for reading in between the lines on what the report doesn’t say.

Establishment Lying By Omission

The sheer scale and institutional cockup that go into moral outrages such as in Rotherham or Rochdale would do enough to vindicate any nationalist suspicion, with the Tusla report perhaps the first official sign of the trend of foreign grooming gangs operating in Ireland. Numerically damning, the report documents 27 reports of child abuse last year among the 500 children under the ward of Tusla.

Already the findings have caused a low-level stir in official circles, with the Irish Times recording a hesitancy among the Department of Children and Tusla figures to act against the emerging trend. 

The Irish state has a litany of failures when it comes to the protection of children against native abusers already that should shame any moral society. Multiculturalism however changes the name of the game when it comes to sexual abuse in western societies.

Questions Unanswered

Despite mounting circumstantial evidence it is still too early to tell if we have witnessed the green shoots of an Irish Rotherham or Rochdale here but ask yourself one question; do you imagine Roderic O’Gorman or any of Tusla officialdom would be more anymore diligent than British authorities when it comes to investigating politically awkward instances of child sexual abuse?

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  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 10/07/2023 at 11:27 pm

    The Grooming gangs of Britain were mainly gangs of Pakistani Muslims, who have a partiality for young white school g until addicted irl flesh.
    Their modus operandi is well documented.
    A young pretty Pakistani boy befriends a yo,ung vulnerable girl. She is plied with alcohol and drugs until addicted and then prostituted around the Curry shop and taxi circuit, being multiply raped.
    The authorities, very conscious of being called racist and stirring up a hornets nest, in the Muslim coomunity are reluctant to clamp down on these gangs.
    The Catholic Church was crucified for their Magdalene Laundries, which was a slave labour operation mainly . The Govt controlled the Inspectorate of all these Institutions and Reform schools and got off scot free for their failures.
    Tusla has a far more vicious history of malfeasance and the Gardai have never had to deal with Pakistani rape gangs previously.
    Just another side show of the lunatic Open Door Mass Illegal Migration policy.


  2. Declan Hayes 10/07/2023 at 11:53 pm

    Thanks for the link to the UCD report, which I will read later.
    You MIGHT be jumping the gun with the Pakistani allegations as another group of “New Irish” with roots in the Balkans have been heavily involved in sex trafficking and prostitution here, as evidenced by knife fights outside the Custom House, and numerous court cases. Such girls/women are, by nature, vulnerable and prone to be groomed by any group of well-organised males with racist, pecuniary or any other base and amoral motive.
    I see another chap has brought up the old Catholic Church Mother and baby Homes, which were originally set up as a deal with the British authorities whose soldiers, Irish born and others, were responsible for fathering a lot of of those babies before abandoning the mothers and children to the pimps of their day


  3. Liam Murphy 11/07/2023 at 5:01 am

    On the 4th of July an amazing new motion picture opened in theaters across the United States concerning an analogous child abuse situation in the Americas. There is so much content that it is worth seeing twice, to get a more complete picture of the evils of pedophilia mixed with crime. It is Sound of Freedom — a masterful wake-up call, not to be missed.


    1. Daniel BUCKLEY 11/07/2023 at 6:48 am

      On the matter of Paedophilia , it is now official Regime Policy to promote the grooming of young school children with the Radical Sex education curriculum in our Junior schools.
      This RSE curriculum reads like a pornographic book of deviancy, in matters of the Physical practice of Homosexuality, with no degeneracy omitted.
      Norma Foley is the Minister of Education forcing this bizarre RSE indoctrination on the children of Ireland and is an Official Groomer.
      Ireland is now governed by the grooming gangs of FF/FG and the silence of SF with childrens Library sections stocked with extreme pornographic content.
      First they came for the Catholic Church and destroyed their moral authority, by the transgressions of a few
      Then they came to destroy the cohesion of the Nation by Open door illegal Mass Migration.
      Then they came for the Families,with the Childrens Act,of 2012.Marriage Equality Act 2015, abortion referendum vote rigging, and now the RSE imposition to corrupt the children and normalise deviancy.
      The Regime are now pimping out our children, with their Tusla agency.
      Ireland is under attack as the somnolent population is distracted by trivialities and the propaganda of RTE.
      The Regime are too imbecilic to understand or join the dots.What outside agency is calling the shots on this promotion of perversion.?


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/07/2023 at 11:11 pm

    TOO LITTLE, too late…and the abused will inherently become the abusers.
    We had a chance to remedy these situations before they got out of hand.The
    very first case regarding Tusla and others should have been stomped on and high profile progressives like Zappone should have been run out of town. Now
    it’s the norm to witness multiple CHILD ABUSE VICTIMS in a year, just like
    the abortion figures.
    Regardless of law or society, just imagine it happening to one of your own family
    What if it happened to people involved in the promotion of progressive ideology…not in my back yard mate,I’m ok…fu.k you jack…because the GUILTY are far removed from the consequences. BUT WE are not and it is
    Our Moral Duty and Right to protect and defend OUR INNOCENT BEINGS
    INTERESTINGLY, in moderate Islamic countries like Indonesia Women and
    Children are protected and Safe. Within their societies they have Moral Police
    apart from the normal Cops on the Beat,and Nobody dares take them for
    granted…at your own peril.
    From the Top down, the Irish Controlling Establishment Lacks Morality
    especially where it’s needed and do you think for one minute that they care or
    give a rats ass ? I’ve never depended on Wankers to Protect or Defend my
    OBLIGATIONS AND God Given Rights.


  5. Unfortunately grooming gangs similar to Rotherham/Dublin are happening all around Europe. Always the same ethnicity – Pakistani/Bangladesh males. Preying on young vulnerable white girls. Have also heard of Albanian gangs in Luxembourg/Belgium. However, I have heard African taxi men in Dublin are involved in this scandal. This is purely a rumour that my family in Dublin have heard around their community and I want to reiterate this is NOT fact, just rumour amongst the community my family live in in Dublin. I have no factual basis for this and could purely be a racist rumour.


  6. IRISH NATIONALIST 01/09/2023 at 2:37 pm

    The outcome of such things is generally what happens when people dont take matters into their own hands in such situations


  7. Children are the most vulnerable in society. That’s why throughout history they’ve always been forgotten.
    The self-important jumped up middle class wannabe snobs of this country are more concerned with looking good to their warped peers than actually lifting a finger to help a defenceless human being.
    You tell me you’re concerned about Ukrainians. You tell me you’re concerned about the plight of gay and transgendered people.
    Don’t make me laugh.
    You couldn’t give a fuck about any of them.

    I’m ashamed of my “fellow” Irish who let this happen to their children.

    You are a disgusting cowardly “race” of people and this won’t be forgotten.


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