The State is feeling the heat on immigration and scrambling to address concerns before immigration breaks out as the big issue in the local and European elections due next year and the General Election due no later than 2025. So much so that the temporary Minister for Justice, Simon Harris, has come out to claim the State has deported 130 individuals in January of this year.

This is a charitable reading of the situation, given the State does not conduct deportations in the normal fashion, but rather issues a Deportation Order and expects the migrants to leave on their own volition.

Indeed the only figures we have on live Deportation Orders provided states that of the 12,000 Deportation Orders still live in October 2022 – only 16 were enforced, with a guess (because they have no further information than that) that up to 177 in total were either enforced or self-deported last year. A grand total of about 0.1% of cases.

We also get a look at the gross figures involved in deporting someone – while you or I could get a flight with Ryanair or Aer Lingus (a short-notice flight with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Izmir costs less than €100), it apparently cost the State €147,148 for 46 individuals. That’s just shy of €3,200 a person on flights alone. The cost of investigating the 16 enforced deportations cost €152,550 or over €9,500 per case. So investigating and deporting 16 people cost the State a few pennies shy of €13,000 each.

This is in spite of the fact that the Government jet regularly flies empty in order to ensure pilots meet the minimum flying hours requirements to retain their licences.

Similarly the State actively rewarded those who remained in the country illegally over the last number of years with their “Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrant Scheme” – the title of which is a long-winded euphemism for rewarding those illegally resident in the State for the last four years. In that time frame, we had almost eight thousand applications.

Mainstream Parties Will Not Reverse Ireland’s Demographic Replacement

The Government has for years been entirely unconcerned about immigration, and its deleterious effect upon health, housing, education and infrastructure for the last two decades – beholden to a nexus of gombeen rentiers, nebulous ‘human rights’ barristers that make sure to rack up the fees, and the paid class of commentators that work for various NGOs and left-wing outfits.

Now that the State is coming under pressure, do not let up in criticisms and do not fall for their obvious lies. The State is not deporting people, they are scheduling flights to bring foreigners in from around the world, and they’re doing it while knowing communities are in open revolt against the Plantations but they will continue to do it because that is the system they have constructed – the fifth columnists in the NGOs and Media tell the Government what our responsibilities allegedly are, the hoteliers price gouge and guarantee occupancy rates, and the barristers lodge appeal after appeal and review after review to whack up their incomes. 

The only solution to this problem is to vote for anti-mass immigration political parties, and to vote for the ones that have been anti-mass immigration since before the government started to feel the pressure. Do not give a vote to opportunists in Sinn Fein, or Fianna Fail, or Fine Gael. Don’t even give them a preference. Go into the polling booth, and adopt the “one-and-done” policy of voting for the local “far-right” candidate who has been warning of this impending calamity for years. Whether that’s the National Party, Irish Freedom Party, or independents like Malachy Steenson, we need to start thinking strategically as a community and as a Nation in order to punish the political parties that have brought about this catastrophe.

Posted by Gearóid Ó Broin


  1. All for thinking strategically, all against seeing this as a morality play where we punish those who haven’t been pure and unwavering since the start.

    We have significant numbers of TDs swinging around to our way of thinking, adopting our language. Why in the name of God would you want to fight against that.

    I welcome every canny, untrustworthy, opportunist in any party who is now coming on board. They’re the people who get elected, they’re the people who get to pass laws.

    We can still hope for a handful of NP, IFP or independent TDs, two years from now. They’re not mutually exclusive goals.

    Every other country in Europe that has seen the rise of a populist party has eventually seen them fall away again as their ideas get adopted by the big parties. That is what success looks like. We can cut out the five or ten year wait.


  2. Mark Murphy 13/02/2023 at 5:42 pm

    FG/FF, SF and Labour have and are selling this country out, and main stream media are highly supportive of this. To save what’s left of this country it’s imperative that right wing candidates are elected. The right wing in Ireland have the nation and its indigenous peoples interests at their heart. Vote right wing before it’s too late to redeem ireland


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/02/2023 at 6:22 pm

    The Fourth Column,and never forget it’s intended role,was to hold State accountable.That still applies now despite govt.control of media. Any suspicious nature of propaganda will always be challenged.

    Personally,I can hardly equate Ireland’s situation as falling under the banner of populism, Ireland has a unique history compared to all of European Countries…I always wondered where were they over 800yrs.

    PER CAPITA, They say every Irish ( bring in more,share the debt ! ) is app. €250,000. GDP
    PER CAPITA, They say every Irish ( bring in more,share the debt ! ) is
    app. €650,000. FDR.

    PER CAPITA, only 3/4 million prior EEC/EU/UN/NGO/…Dail Eireann
    and the unIrish have stripped it bare of Identity,Culture,Assets, n PRIDE


  4. Liam Sherry 13/02/2023 at 8:21 pm

    Simon (elected on the 15th count) Harris had no credibility if he told me water is wet I wouldn’t believe him.


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