Earlier today, videos were posted to Twitter in which a teenage man accuses Social Democrats councillor for Galway City East, Owen Hanley, of sexually grooming him on social media when he was underage.

Hanley has been accused by this teenager of sexual abuse, catfishing and grooming. Allegedly, Hanley posed as a teenager and reached out anonymously to the victim on Twitter. Allegedly, Hanley successfully encouraged the victim to send explicit images around February of 2022. When confronted by the individual with this information, according to the video accusation, Hanley denied the allegations. However, following when this alleged interaction would have happened, all traces of Hanley’s anonymous social media presence were deleted. His profile pictures were removed from his personal Twitter and the account made private. 

Long-standing anonymous reports

In August of 2022, anonymous allegations were levied against an unnamed politician, accused of grooming an underage boy.  In August, a report from extra.ie on the allegations issued the following information about the case:

“It is understood the boy at the centre of the complaint first informed the party’s general secretary about the alleged contact and the party leadership was informed a few days later.

Three days after the teenager notified the party about his concerns, the accused politician attended a party meeting at which new child protection guidelines and policy were voted and signed-off on by party members.

Meanwhile, party officials sought legal advice as to how the teenager’s complaint should be handled.

Two days after the party received legal advice from a senior counsel the politician was invited to a meeting with the party leadership at which he was told the party whip was being withdrawn.

It is understood the State family and child agency Tusla and gardaí have been informed about the allegations.”

Hanley, as the first openly gay councillor in Galway was heralded by the liberal media as a role model for LGBT youth in Ireland.

Hanley is a member of the Social Democrats and allegedly knew the victim from prior engagements. The victim claims that he was subsequently contacted by Hanley via an anonymous Twitter account under the name “Irish Jock.”

Hanley was contacted in order to ask for comment on these recently revealed accusations, however, no response was received.

Should the allegations issued against Owen Hanley prove to be subject of Garda investigation and demonstrated to be factual without any shade of doubt, this is a serious political scandal for the Social Democrats. 

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/01/2023 at 3:12 pm

    Not surprisingly, considering all the Clones came out of their closests when Lieo was given a so called leading role and frontal stage hijacking.
    I am astounded that the likes of Enoch Burke still exists in a land of gays,
    bi’s,trans and gender malfunction come manipulation since childhood.
    Every crime committed by these minority cults are not reported,because
    they have reached the highest levels in govt. and judiciary.
    This current generation of cultist minority’s have totally used and abused
    their positions and influence over the majority masses of Irish People and
    whatever future generation is their legacy,it will be the total destruction of a race,culture and identity…and they do not care or give a fu.k.
    Give me an Enoch Burke any day,as a leader,as a statesman,as a father and an Irishman,because I will not stand behind or defend this cultists
    fanny manny panti Paedophile Performance.


    1. Seriously take a look at your comments, the words used, the venom… any argument you had and I believe you may well have a valid argument, is gone out the window


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour You’re an idiot.


  3. Good God! It sounds like the incomprehensible babblings of a madman! As one other reply stated, any argument that you might be trying to make (whether founded or unfounded) has completely gone out the window based on the hatred in your language. Yourself and Enoch would more appropriately be at home in either a 1950’s staunch Catholic Ireland or in a modern day middle eastern state. Stay in your home or the gays will get you!!! Idiot!


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/01/2023 at 3:26 pm

    Seriously,I do not comment for PC or the sake of argument.Be it valid or
    Invalid,it is your window on the world that may inspire others other than
    being a critic of a statement that a lot may agree to but are shackled by
    the Fear of hate Speech laws.
    I do not need to mention names or identities but have heard it all,putting
    down the identity of generations that WE were reared by.
    I was brought up to respect those that respected others. Standing up.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/01/2023 at 3:37 pm

    It’s a pity your highly intelligent commentary could not garnish a fourth
    word,stuck in the 3 syllables category, dial a friend.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/01/2023 at 6:23 am

    Thank you for your input.It’s wonderful how you managed to blend all
    together ( staunch Catholic 1950 Ireland,present day Middle East state).
    It appears you like progressive Ireland of today.Whatever be the comparison it does does not demonstrate that society accepts abuse of
    children by means of transgender indoctrination or pedophila.
    Connections through individuals,government and law are all responsible
    to condemn such acts and some gays have publicly voiced their opposition to be associated with the lgbt+ identity.
    Coming out of your homes in greater numbers and publicly stating your
    Position against child abuse is the first step in acceptance by public opinion….name calling is child’s play,juvenile.


    1. In reply to Ivaus,

      As there appears to be a frenzy of Liberal / Woke Rottweilers unleashed and queueing eagerly to pounce upon your every word or phrase, for daring to give your opinion on a valid issue concerning Ireland and her people .

      I hope you won’t mind me giving my opinion!.

      Ivaus, to those of us who know you! , your comment and your point of view is not only correct, but justified! .

      IF those currently attacking you, were regular contributors to the Burkean rather than cruising tourists, online searching for subject matter to further their religious like zeal and deep longing to prove the other!, to be A beast, to be immediately tamed and OR SILENCED!! . OR PERHAPS rather than objection to your comments, they have alternative motives!!.

      They would therefore be used to your style of writing, your passion and your personal conviction! . Were they regular contributors,
      I very much doubt, that they would have been so eager to turn opinions which you have expressed against you, in the form of personal insult, hateful bile, bitterness and spite!.

      Unless of course there is far deeper & darker reason /s for this all of a sudden onslaught, against someone who has for many years been posting on social media outlets??.

      Rather Ironically, those accusing you of hatred, cruel and harmful speech (Does this sound familiar?) then themselves, go on to prove themselves worthy of accusation equal to, if not worse than, that which they so joyfully & eagerly accuse you!.

      You will find that none of those who replied or rather clearly attacked you for your opinion .
      EVER gave their point of view either way!. Sitting happily on the fence!, while also holding court on YOUR opinions, YOUR presentation, and YOUR wording!!.

      ALL clear indications of a Liberal touring team, out looking for comments which might be used to justify the total silencing of ALL!, who dare speak up against Liberal motions, to SHUT UP!, or Cover ALL OPPOSING OPINIONS!!.

      Neville is perhaps the more self controlled, respectful and able to restrict any (if there were any) desires to immediately become insulting!.
      Though he confesses the fact that you have a valid point, or rather resists the opportunity to applaud or deny your claims.
      He also neither explains what he considers to be your point of view nor explains why your point of view might be right OR wrong!!.

      Yet never explains the reasoning behind his and his friends, sudden interest in the Burkean and in Ivaus, in particular!!.

      Paul, as you rightly point out, struggles to tame the more basic Fascist Liberal tendencies! .
      Justifying silencing You OR for that matter this PARTICULAR BURKEAN ARTICLE! , by bypassing all forms of reasonable debate, comment or even civil disagreement!.

      Instead like a good book burner, going straight for humiliation and personal insult!!.

      Noel, starts the comment by invoking or if you like, involving God. (Quote) ” Good God, It sounds like the incomprehensible babblings of a madman!.”. (End Quote).

      A nice touch!, think about it, what Conservative or Christian would view the inclusion of ” Good God” as anything other than most reasonable??.
      The fact that the very same sentence ends with the words
      (Quote) ” incomprehensible babblings of a madman!.”. (End Quote), or in very simple terms a direct insult, cloaked in the wording desired by those, who so dearly wish to insult! . What Exactly is their collective Modus Operandi???.

      Next, Noel uses a very old but heavily relied upon back-up, or perhaps a means of both justification and seeking out support from the comment/s of others of the same mind.

      (Quote) “As one other reply stated, any argument that you might be trying to make (whether founded or unfounded) has completely gone out the window based on the hatred in your language.” (End Quote).

      Again, as before, and as with the two previous comments / Insults. None of those accusing YOU of stupidity, unfounded use of wording, using hateful language AND Venomous description, have at any point committed to a genuine point of view!. Neither agreeing with your point of view or argument nor disagreeing!, all three sit on the fence, UNTIL Noel eventually slips up in stating the following:

      Yourself and Enoch would more appropriately be at home in either a 1950’s staunch Catholic Ireland or in a modern day middle eastern state.

      Noel, the veil has slipped and your hatred and spite towards Staunch Catholics & modern day Middle Eastern states!, is so very clearly showing!! As is beginning to show your and your collectives true purpose for being here!!.

      By the way, the definition of the word Staunch is as follows: ” Loyal, True, Faithful and Steadfast!!.”.
      Despite being perceived for some strange reason, by those opposed to the Catholic Church, as something dreadful, nasty, or aged and unwanted in the face of modernity!.

      Noel eventually throws off the veil or cloak of pretense completely! , unashamedly and joyfully willing to show the hand, which was held so closely to the chest!.

      In a bout of clear resentment, pure ingrained spite and all out vulgarity, the following is wtitten:
      ” Stay in your home or the gays will get you!!! Idiot!”. (End Quote).

      Here is a question!!, in ALL the pretense!, in ALL the verbiage, in ALL the cleverly disguised and openly structured Insults, Spite and clearly evidenced hatred of those of Religion, both Christian and Middle Eastern.


      The answer here Ivaus,

      IS, ALL this pointless finger pointing, ALL this cleverly disguised insulting, ALL the accusations, ALL the direct and very personal insults!.


      If you actually look carefully, they succeeded!, in that by accusing YOU Ivaus of vulgarity, Venom, hatred and so on. THEY created an atmosphere of almost complete silence. Leading to a situation where others who may have spoken out in defence of you Ivaus, or who may have spoken out in opposition to their cleverly constructed Scheme , did not do so, out of fear of being accused of RACISM, Crudeness, Hatred or Venom.

      Just as YOU were here!, Ivaus!.


      Take heart Ivaus, all the claims, insults and dreadful accusations levelled at YOU, ARE SIMPLY A COVER!. A means to TOTALLY DISTRACT ALL from the ARTICLE ITSELF!!.


      1. Stewie Mcgovern 18/02/2023 at 10:12 am

        Jesus, you are one boring fella, get a job or a hobby.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/01/2023 at 5:10 am

    @ TC,
    Thank you and I appreciate your detailed comments and analysis as many the times before.I did reply to all individuals,I will not be silenced
    and have no fear of insults or juvenile name calling.
    I did not respond to those in detail because I measured their caliber and
    had no intention of wasting my time and efforts on them.
    It was better that the baton was picked up by another and for that I am
    grateful…but not surprised that it came from you TC,your a true honest
    Gentleman with a brain and wit.
    We will not lose again because we are willing and able.


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