For the second night in the past week, East Wall residents rallied to protest the planting of an asylum centre in the former ESB Building by an overstretched Department of Equality. Numbering north of 300 at its peak, the crowd assembled at 5pm at the five floor building now earmarked for 380 international protection applicants, 80 of whom have seemingly already arrived.

Addressed by local representatives as well as republican Malachy Steenson, speakers were keen to stress the lack of consultation with the community as well as decry the ongoing “plantation” by the powers that be.

Anger was specifically directed at mention of Sinn Féin, with chants of ‘traitors’ being heard when a defaced party political banner of Mary Lou MacDonald, whose constituency the site is located in, was brandished near the front of the crowd.

This comes the same day as a man was charged with making serious threats of violence to Grand Hotel Direct Provision Centre in Bray, while in August a direct provision centre was moved from Finglas at a former vaccination centre under threat of violence.

Describing potential threats to the safety of local women and children according to press statements that so far the centre has been filled with 80 single men of Middle Eastern, African and Albanian origin.

It has been reported that Dublin City Council was not forewarned about the dumping of these migrants in the community, with An Taoiseach even linking East Wall protests to helping the Russian war effort.

Local reports from outside the centre the past week describe a steady flow of what appear to be cars of Albanians leaving the centre, potentially an indication of the broader use of Ireland as a bridge to get into the UK as reported by the press before.

Per clockwork protests around the centre have elicited the usual claims that the ‘far right’ are taking advantage of communities, with the Irish Freedom Party so far having a noted presence at the protest.

It is believed that Gateway Integration Ltd will operate the centre and has received a 12-month contract for their services by the Department.

The protest concluded calls to reassemble tomorrow at 5pm with a palpable sense of disgust in particular at Sinn Féin. By any measure the worsening situation, coupled with the desperate housing situation, has presented a febrile situation for the NGO machine and Left to grapple with.

East Wall may yet be marked as the beginning of the cleaving away of Sinn Féin working class base towards nativist politics. Wherever the situation goes, the feeling of injustice has rallied those who years ago could have been counted as Sinn Féin reliables in the Water Protest years. Perhaps this gives a sense of what is to come this decade.

With a doctrinaire commitment towards open borders, the Sinn Féin political machine has played a dangerous game the past two decades on the topic of migration. Attempting to be all things to all men, they mingle a working-class political base with an increasingly progressive and third worldist party core. The contradiction is what any populist movement of the right will leverage, and the greenshoots thereof we may be witnessing finally at East Wall.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. It appears the narrative has been taken over by a pro multiculturalism crowd judging by the speech tonight. Also IRSP activists in attendance. I wouldn’t be getting too excited. There is not proper nativist party that isnt a toxic mess.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 22/11/2022 at 10:25 am

    Reading between the lines or taking it with a pinch of salt,some things cannot be disputed because the facts are available…at the source.
    Most commentary includes either ( far right or false flag events ) in the
    usual commentary of a propagandist nature. We’ll go to the source fact.

    Sin Fein, ( not of 1919 ) proclaim they are Globalists, maybe with a mixture of communist fascist,so how can they be republican and they
    cannot be nationalist.Yes they are far left,relying on NGO,EU and UN.
    Being in a position of Opposition to government they have certainly not hindered the Coalition ( we will never be partners, FFG ) Greens, and if
    the public checked SF performance in the Dail, they oppose next to nothing…their track record shows they side with govt….nothing..nothing.

    The Two Partners ( here,have my seat ) from the Civil War, War of Independence, enemy combatants were United beforehand,not like 2022.
    Dev’s FF, All or Nothing, and Bigfella’s, Something not Nothing have
    between each other and individually governed Ireland since the R O I.

    FFail has not achieved All, FG has lost the Something, and the only thing
    THEY SHARED is their combined legacy to a Voting Public…nothing.
    The same cronyism,nepotism,parish pump politics is still practiced in
    2022 style and the late comer SF took it’s place at the swine swilling trof.

    The Public that are Wide Awake to the Foreign Banquet Style of self
    serving gluttony and greed are not invited to today’s table,it is only
    reserved for those ” That Contribute ” to the Serfdom of a globalism that
    now insists on ONE MASTER DICTATOR…to control EVERYTHING.

    The IRISH in IRELAND must agree and accept the NOTHING proposal
    of FF,FG,FFGG, that serve the greatest reset in mankind’s history.
    If they all checked Our Irish History then they would see we are a race of
    People, over the last 900 yrs. that has been PROMISED EVERYTHING
    but today refuse to accept nothing no more…We will go the Wall.


  3. Daniel Buckley 22/11/2022 at 1:48 pm

    The protests by the East Wall community against an imposition of 380 Military aged men of African and Middle Eastern origin who were bussed in at dead of night, without any consultation with the Local community or the Dublin City Council.
    One thought that enters my mind, as I always question the motives and Machivellian mindsets of our corrupt,criminal Gombeen Regime and their attack dog NGO’s.
    Sinn Fein is the local constituency of their fragrant Leader Mary Lou Mc Donald.
    SF are expected to be in Govt after the next General Election. The majority have lost faith in the vile Regime and its a case of anyone but FF/FG .
    The smaller Parties like the National Party are excluded from the Public sight by the censorship of RTE and Media,a form of election rigging in any language.
    To destroy SF and their electoral prospects ,why not de-capitate the Leader in her own bailiwick.
    This would create consternation in the SF ranks and loss of credibility for SF countrywide and deeper questioning of SF policies.
    FF/FG are unlikely to gain from an SF failure.
    FF/FG have lost all credibility with the plain People. They have forgotten the basics of political action,’one must cater for your electorate first or lose support.
    The Economy is at the hub of the wheel of the ordinary voter. A convergence of issues has come to the fore and will be far worse this winter affecting the Economy with High inflation, high energy costs, Housing crisis and masses of Ukrainian refugees fleeing a destroyed dysfunctional Ukaine
    I have always contended that until the ordinary People experience cold arses and hungry bellies they will be too docile to revolt.
    Uncontrolled migration into Ireland is the obvious single cause of the Housing crisis ,but is never addressed, but kept out of all public converstaion by the puppet Media.
    Sin Fein are a fraudalent Republican and nationalist party and have missed a great opportunity to gain the reins of Power.
    They have proven to be Globalists,pro mass migration, pro-woke and anti Irish. They have not read the People of Ireland correctly.
    The East Wall imbroglio may prove to be their death knell and a lifting of the veil of their treachery and dangerous ideology to the Irish People.


  4. Peadar O'Toole 24/11/2022 at 5:18 am

    The protests in the East Wall will be tolerated by TPTB for the same reason that these migrants were placed in the East Wall to begin with.

    It is out of sight, out of mind for the Sunday Drivers in Dalkey, Dun Laoighaire and Glenageary.

    The citizens of the East Wall are doing a good job of playing defence but now they must go on offence and move their picket to the registered address of Gateway Integration Ltd and, if that fails, then the personal residence(s) of the principal(s) in said outfit.

    For the weasels in our commentariat (and that includes Irish Twitter) will say “we don’t do that here” but anyone who has studied the Brehon Laws or the Land League will say otherwise.


  5. Daniel Buckley 26/11/2022 at 9:59 pm

    Peadar o’ Toole,
    Be obliged if you could extract the particular Brehon Law and the Land League reference to bolster our case against this criminal Mass Migration racket.
    We need every lever in the toolbox to fight back against these cowardly traitorous Quislings of the Globoschlomo persuasion.


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