A report from a Burkean foreign correspondent on the Continent.

“Because when I am only a number. When I no longer have an identity or roots. Then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer.” – Meloni 

Walking around Rome this weekend, there was nothing to suggest that anything historic was going on. While some streets around the forum were busy, the Piazza della Rotonda was quiet and the streets surrounding the Parliament were empty. Over the space of a day, Italians voted and life went on. 

It appears now certain that Meloni’s coalition of the broad right has won the election. This is the first resounding endorsement of a nationalist government in Western Europe in many years and its significance can’t be understated. 

Meloni is the first national leader of a major power in my generation to articulate a vision for Europe outside of the market, devoid of higher values and aspirations. Meloni talks of a Europe beyond neo-liberal technocracy collapsed in on itself. A Europe of identity, meaning and rootedness. 

In Ireland, the impact the election has had on the political imagination is tangible. I’ve heard genuine support and interest in Meloni and her politics expressed among my apolitical friends and family members. 

Similarly, the reaction from Ireland’s political class reflects a growing ideological divide. Josepha Madigan criticised the “Worrying rise of the far-right in another country”. In contrast, Senator Sharon Keogan celebrated the victory saying “Top down EU governance is being forced upon countries & these countries simply want to do what’s right for their people…that’s now labelled as ‘far right’.

Ultimately, Nationalism can no longer be derided as an ideology secluded to the economic backwaters of post Soviet-states. Hungary is foreign but the Italians feel familiar. 

D.P.Moran argued there is something deeply rooted in the Irish psyche, that we understand ourselves by looking abroad. As Ireland continues to slide into every crisis imaginable, Italy’s successes will stand confrontationally to our own failures.

The reality is the only alternative to the atomisation and social rot that liberalism has given us over the past decades is a return to nationalism. As time moves on, this fact becomes increasingly transparent. We must cross the Rubicon. As Meloni said, quoting Chesterton, “”Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.“

1000 Democracy Points! That’s what you Hungarians get for electing someone we don’t like!”). The Commission is rumbling about fines of several billions of euros, while Poland continues to be fined in the millions everyday while it continues to uphold the twin burdens of the Ukrainian Refugee population and the bulk of Europe’s Eastern defence.

Meloni has been sharp to see that the road to true relief and reform for Italy passes through Brussels. As Fazi has pointed out in his article for Unherd, virtually every Italian government has been held hostage by the blackmail of the ECB and Eurofederalist technocrats. The gradual strengthening of relations between the nationalists of Europe has been a slow process, but all are the better for it. 

While possible reforms such as the dissolution of the Euro and the rollback of EU federalism may still seem extreme, with the increased presence of patriotic governments in the Council they are now edging in the realm of the possible. And with Ursula’s cold bureaucratic talk of using “tools” against the democratic decision of the Italian people, which is only the most recent example of the EU neoliberals’ anti-democratic and pro-technocratic bigotry, you really have to ask yourself who are the real “extremists” in this situation?

There is no guarantee of this continued progress across europe. The neoliberals, while they are now on the backfoot, and know their vision is about as alive and vital as communism in Gorbachev’s Russia, are all the more likely to lash out because of it. But still I know of no other factions in Europe with the same steady determination and motivation as the nationalists.

In order for Europe to survive, many of us believe that it is necessary for it to be brought apart, and in order to bring it apart we must come together in the mission to do so. I only hope that Ireland will produce a great nationalist political movement, one that our proud history shows us to be capable of rallying even at our lowest points, so that we can meet this tide sweeping Europe. 

Otherwise, we risk being kept out in the cold by our neoliberal ideology elites, a cold we will feel physically this winter, all in the name of chasing some insane dream of uniting the world in a market exchange.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. Meloni has already signalled her true colours by stating that she will not touch the country’s abortion legislation and that she will also be moving the location of their foreign embassy in a particular country to said country’s capital.

    She will stab all the Italian patriots who voted for her in the back! It is already obvious how her reign will pan out.


    1. Yes I found the same research.

      I do believe that the tide has turned though… It has been turning for awhile. The rise of Nationalism is very real… Most people are actually Nationalists but don’t know it yet, but more and more people are onto the antics of the globalists and even though Meloni is not our guy, her election is meaningful.

      We just have to be careful in Ireland that we are not led astray by fake Nationalists and globalist plants. There are many unfortunately


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/09/2022 at 12:48 am

    …And topping Italy’s charts this week,coming in as Europe’s number 1
    Meloni Melodies, leaving the struggling Van de Lier at bottom of top 100.
    That’s how it’s done Voting Paddy and I laugh at all the sudden support
    that will rise from the floorboards of political class Ireland because they
    adore anything foreign over national and have never ever heard of the
    True Right before…only that extreme racist homophobic homosapian FR

    my congratulations to Meloni, they have tried and will continue to slur and deride you but by doing so have exposed the number 1 Criminal in all of EU. Conflict of interests with Big Pharma EU Deal is only 1 of the
    many Numbers 234567890 that THE EXTREMIST Van de Lier faces.


  3. Victory of a sort. In the right direction, but Meloni is pro-europe, so we can’t really expect much from her government.

    On another of your foreign correspondent’s points, do we have anyone in Ireland who is capable of leading and who we can get behind?


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/09/2022 at 7:15 pm

    …Or could we set up a totally new concept of governance by giving the
    voters a continuous role with power, overseeing the State performance and eventually weeding out corruption, because this present form of democracy isn’t working effectively and government should be minimal.
    More power needs to be in the control of the electorate to make govt. more accountable and only for the sole purpose of running public utilities
    New policies or changes should be controlled by a separate body that has
    a large representation from the public. Just an alternate suggestion.


  5. “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence” –
    1 Timothy 2:12

    Seriously, how on earth does any sane traditionally minded person think a woman is going to lead Italy or any country out of this mess. Women in leadership positions is intrinsically a feminist position and is a key cog in the liberal degradation of our civilization.


  6. Just reading the replies to this excellent article, says much more about the state of Modern Ireland than anything else!.

    WHY must we Irish, constantly look out the window at our neighbours, to solve the issues in our own home?.

    Irish history since the formation of the free state, shows clearly that our Political class have constantly looked to the UK, our oppressor for hundreds of years, for guidance!.

    Here is an idea, STOP looking to the UK, & STOP listening to the United States.

    Instead, how about appointing a new Political class, who look inwards for solutions to OUR OWN issues?.

    I realise just how crazy my next proposal will appear, but how about we Irish actually rule Ireland ourselves for the first time in our long history!.
    NO UK expertise, NO US interference, NO EU Masters nor Dictators, such as Von Der Lyen.

    REMOVE ALL so called NGO’s completely from our shores, therefore denying ANY AND ALL Political interference from outside of our island.

    Now, let’s suppose that we make a total Bollocks of the country, we make a total mess!, that would take decades to recover from.

    How is that in ANY WAY different from Ireland of 2022?, Ireland ruled by Von Der Lyen in Brussels!, Ireland bought and Sold by big industry, Ireland ruled by taxation sucking NGOs.

    Here is what would be The Stark Difference, IRELAND would be of the Irish, by the Irish, for the Irish!.

    Unlike Ireland of 2022, which is an Ireland of Brussels, for Brussels, for Big Industry, for NGOs and the most Corrupt political class in Irish history!.

    I know, just the stupid ideas / dreams of a stupid man, who happens to love his own nation.



  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 30/09/2022 at 7:50 pm

    Good on you TC, I agree totally. A man that never made a mistake made
    fu.k all and better to make Sovereign Irish mistakes than the imported
    foreign kind that the serfs in govt love because they can also blame others when things go south.
    Changes will only succeed from grass roots, beginning in every IRISH
    HOME.Educate the Children,enjoy each other’s company,work and play together and because of today’s globalist nightmare teach your children self defense, a character building block that promotes maturity and self confidence.EVERY IRISH HOME SHOULD FLY THE FLAG, not the annual event or occasional celebration but always on display.
    Then watch this Irish Pride bloom and blossom throughout estates,
    communities,villages and towns,we might even win back church and schools.
    The Foreigners have shown us time and again that if we are waiting for them to improve Paddys lot, we will never see it happen in a month of
    Sundays…nothing bad in loving our own nation,Foreigners love theirs.


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