Political parties in the German national parliament can secure funding for private entities of their choice (called ‘Foundations’) amounting to tens of millions of euros every year.

The AfD recently took a case against the state’s refusal to give it the same access to cash, which would give the impression that the German Federal Government is concerned with how such monies are spent and will try to intervene to stop such money flowing outwards. This will come of interest later on. 

One such Foundation is the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, named after the infamous Polish socialist Rosa Luxemburg who was a member of the failed Sparticist Uprising which ended with her taking a swim in a canal. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is closely aligned with the Left Party/Die Linke itself tied in with the old totalitarianism of the DDR.

The Foundation received over sixty million euro in 2018 and spends much of this on miscellaneous ‘scholarships’ but what interests us most is their funding of ‘anti-racist/anti-fascist’ initiatives impacting Ireland directly.

One of these initiatives is the website ‘Antifascist Europe’ – a website which claims with quite a large banner at the end, to be sponsored by the Rosa Lux Foundation. Similarly one of the ‘patrons’ named by the website is a Left Party MP Martina Renner.

Despite looking like a flash website established in the dwindling years of the dotcom bubble, the website acts as an under-noticed doxxing campaign – at the time of writing, the ‘Ireland’ section includes a list of 37 individuals in Ireland and 13 ‘groups’ or political parties.

None of the information on the website is revelatory, indeed much of it is superficial and seemingly only exists in order to justify their continued bankrolling by the German state and certain philanthropists.

What is of interest however is the confluence of leftists and State actors – of the ‘resources’ cited by the website’s Ireland page, they source none other than the Institute of Strategic Dialogue.

Curiously the website also includes hand-chosen reports – one of which was penned in German originally but translated, and was co-authored by Dieter Reinisch and Damian Lawlor.

Reinisch is an Austrian academic and was a visiting fellow in NUI Galway and lectures variously between Salzburg and Vienna, when he’s not moonlighting as a ‘freelance journalist’ interested in knowing the business of everyone who moves in Republican circles – for what purpose, we are assuredly of the belief that it is in purely academic interest. 

Mr. Lawlor meanwhile was previously in the IRA but the terms under which he left leaves certain, mutually-suspicious groups ill-at-ease. Whilst living in the north-west of Ireland I see clouds daily but for some people, clouds seem to follow them.

For good measure the website also includes the handiwork of the British intel collective ‘Hope not Hate’ criticised most recently by former Labour MP Chris Williamsom and other activists for alleged links to British security forces.

Between the Americans setting up shop in the North, British intelligence well established in both jurisdictions, it was only a matter of time before the Continentals wanted to jump into the pot too. Thankfully for us, German hippies and assorted Irish allies aren’t nearly as adept at covering their tracks.

Posted by Gearóid Ó Briain


  1. What kind of establishment do the Americans have in the North? Miliatery, Intelligence or both?


    1. A ‘disinformation’ company recently set up in Belfast- a CIA front.


  2. Brian Patrick Bolger 07/07/2022 at 8:08 pm

    Excellent. I loved this ‘ Rosa Luxemburg who was a member of the failed Sparticist Uprising which ended with her taking a swim in a canal’. 😁


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