The Battle for Moral Superiority is well and truly underway in Dublin as republican socialists take on shadowy international financiers (a Methodist charity in this case) in a bid to out-cuck themselves for foreigners. 

This month “Socialist Republicans” occupied Lefroy House in the city centre, renaming it Connolly House and issuing a laughable video where a masked yuppie announces a “People’s Acquisition Order” on the building to better house foreigners in a North County accent, all in the name of the “werking class”.

Not to be outdone in xenophilia, the Salvation Army, which closed what was previously a youth-hostel there last year, have said they intended to open the building for use by Ukrainians —the homeless Irish have had no need of shelter it seems.

The “Revolutionary Workers Union” sounds like a serious outfit and is surely not at all simply a front for a certain leftist quack group. 

Certainly not a group which ‘commemorates’ a titan of Irish nationalism like James Connolly while wearing sandals and jeans (if one could even use the term for an such affront that marks the height of disrespect).

This is not to take the side of the Salvation Army, I personally support the strategy of squatting in or picketing housing sites, but it must be done with a clear intention in mind —the decommodification of Irish housing and the housing of Irish people. The “House the Irish” protest in Mulhuddart a number of years ago was an organic local attempt to strike back at globalism, at the housing of foreigners above the Irish in need, and was an act that should be applauded and replicated at large —international landlords should be forced into costly court proceedings, or into agreeing to let or sell their properties to Irishmen and women at fair, liveable rents. 

The hilarity of some socialist sperg issuing a makey uppey order to propagate the exact policies which the aforementioned foreign entity already intended on applying is one that should result in heaped scorn. 

Notably the speaker wore a metal Easter Lily pin and eschewed the more traditional sticky-back version which their flavour of ‘Republican’ Communism preferred —the irony was surely lost on them.

Posted by Donnachadh O'Neill


  1. Anything of the news articles I saw on this situation seemed to give the impression that this group had the intention of accommodating the local homeless. Is this not the case? There I was thinking this was a very positive step for the republican left.


  2. Call me heretical, but I’ve often suspected the Brits did this country the greatest favour ever when they shot James Connolly. However bad the country is today, can you imagine the state it would be in if it had been headed up from its inception by an avowed marxist and his cup bearers?


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