Ireland’s intake of refugees continues to gather steam as hotels ostensibly opened to service the ailing tourism industry have pivoted towards servicing the Great Plantation.

The Holiday Inn at Dublin Airport, the fourth largest in the country costing €50 million to construct, has decided to let all of its 421-bedrooms to the housing of asylum overflow from Baleskin Direct Provision Centre in Finglas.

Opened just last year and owned by Pakistani born hotel tycoon Jalaluddin Kajani, it was announced yesterday that Mr Kajani’s company JMK had completed a deal with the Department of Children to provide for those seeking international protection.

Not the first company to stick its fingers in the taxpayer’s pocket, the Pakistani businessman’s company is originally based in the UK but with a lick of paint and taking the name John instead of Jalaluddin gives a thankful breath of diversity to the Refugee Industry.

Owning a fleet of hotels including the soon to be opened Hampton by Hilton as well as the Waterford Marin and O’Connell Street’s Holiday Inn, the move could be the firing shot in a post-covid rush to convert Ireland’s neglected hotel stock.

Similar to the previous commandeering of hotel stock for largely Roma gypsy accommodation around the Gardiner and Talbot Street region, an early warning sign that the hotel was to be converted was an inability to book rooms in advance due to mention of an ‘exclusive contract’

Overall the numbers of asylum seekers entering Ireland has increased year on year, rising by fifty percent from around 6000 in 2017 to over 9000 in 2020. With over 3000 arriving ‘since October’ one expects the numbers to break five figures soon if it has not already.

Thankfully coming out of a pandemic with inflation on the rise, giving an unknown number of illegal aliens residency and being saddled with debt as interest rates are about to be hiked and with housing pressures bubbling over and a war on the horizon, we should be glad that Pakistani businessmen and the State are doing their best to make sure the greasy tills keep dinging their merry notes.

We may only be getting out of lockdown but our asylum industry and hangers on are truly gearing up.

Thank you Roderic O’Gorman for your service.

Posted by Donnachadh O'Neill


  1. Expect 15,000 asylum applications in 2022 . Many thanks to the UK for shutting it’s door .


  2. Until we stop using descriptions that have zero, nothing to do with operating in a market of people who choose and pay to go places.

    Are Irish people ok with this. Or do they actually think these are ‘Asylum’ or ‘Refugees’. They the people who enter the immigration black market trafficking system , they need to pay in exchange for access to Europe. These people have update BMW’s, silks and latest Nike no sooner than when they arrive, Its in plain sight. We know by the countries they are coming from. By the denouncements of their own countries they came from also. Also know that those in politics are members of international political Black Marketeers, know this as their role is the opposite to ignoring laws, ignoring their role of protector of the, country

    Until we all start to correct the narrative to the accurate. We are all guilty by condoning the cover, which enables them to pretend they are not pirates and the ship is theirs, the gold is theirs the taxes are theirs. None of this is true. None


  3. gypsycrusader 24/02/2022 at 4:41 pm

    these hotels were built to accomodarte refugees. its a well known fact they cant be sustained via tourism and has been known for a long time.


  4. For a more accurate set of terms instead of ‘asylum seekers’, ‘refugees’, one should use the terms better life seekers.
    The fact that a Pakistani is involved should sound alarms on two front. The further encroachment of Islam and of a people so asymmetrically unsuited to a relatively modern society with modestly modern values.

    I can speak from experience that the second generation of Pakistanis will not perceive you as an Irish man, woman, or child but as a ‘white’. This will make areas of Ireland a hostile environment.
    Has the presence of Pakistanis and Roma Gypsies in Britain been detrimental to the indigenous population? Without a shadow of a doubt.


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